Herbalife Targeted Nutrition

Find the nutritional foundation that's best for you!

Herbalife offers a variety of targeted products that build on the foundation of our core products. By taking our targeted nutrition products alone, or in unison with your personalised weight management programme, you can zero-in on your specific needs.

Healthy heart

Beta Heart®

Beta Heart®

A nutritious vanilla-flavoured drink mix that contains the key ingredient oat beta-glucan, which has been shown to lower blood cholesterol.

Herbalifeline® MAX

Herbalifeline® MAX

Taking a single capsule of Herbalifeline MAX every day will help you achieve the optimal level of DHA and EPA Omega-3


Niteworks® Amino Acid and Vitamin Drink Mix

A drink supplement formulated in association with Nobel Prize winner Louis Ignarro to supply vital amino acids and assist the body's production of nitric oxide.

Immune health

Immune Booster

Immune Booster

Support your immune system with Immune Booster! This powdered food supplement drink is formulated with EpiCor® - a scientifically proven, dried yeast-based ingredient.

Digestive health

Microbiotic Max

Microbiotic Max

A combination of probiotics and prebiotic fibre, that work together in harmony.

Oat Apple Fibre

Oat Apple Fibre Fibre drink

Oat Apple Fibre Drink is a delicious and easy way to help increase your daily fibre intake.


AloeMax Aloe Vera Drink

Made from 97% cold-pressed Aloe Vera juice. Stay refreshed and enjoy this drink in the morning or throughout your day.

Herbal Aloe Concentrate

Herbal Aloe Concentrate Aloe Vera Drink

A delicious drink that lets your body enjoy the soothing benefits of aloe from the inside.

Healthy aging


Xtra-Cal® Calcium Supplement Tablets with Vitamin D

A calcium supplement with vitamins, additional minerals and herbs.

Herbalifeline® MAX

Herbalifeline® MAX

Taking a single capsule of Herbalifeline MAX every day will help you achieve the optimal level of DHA and EPA Omega-3

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Lisa's story

...In October 2007, I found myself very overweight and very tired all the time, I could no longer run around with the children without becoming completely out of breath!!!! I came across Herbalife through a friend and could not believe the way I felt after just a few short days. Very soon I was shrinking in kilos and cms and I suddenly had lots of energy and a new zest for life!!!

When I was introduced the business opportunity, I felt I was too busy, I was a Regional Manager for a holiday cottage company and I worked in the community for a very large supermarket, but as I was shrinking more and more people were asking what I was doing, and where they could obtain the product so I thought why not give it a go!!! After that, I have not really looked back, within six months I was able to leave both my jobs as Herbalife hadsurpassed my income. My lifestyle has changed so much, I am there to bring the children to school and pick them up and love the Herbalife business. Helping people reach their nutritional needs and feel fabulous is so rewarding.